Thursday, May 20, 2010

My week of freebies.......

I love getting free stuff...I mean for realz...who doesn't?!?!? So, I was ST-OKED when I found out a local church was having a FREE rummage sale!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, isn't that kind of contradictory...I mean FREE and sale in the same title its like...oh sorry...must be my ADD kicking in. Where was I?

Oh yeah, ok, so without further adieu, let me show you my loot for the week!

Ok so at the "free sale?!?!?!?" I got an awesome painting, a "design your own hat kit," 2 bath sets, and 2 cool metal things that I'll find something to do with. So I know what you're thinking...why the heck did she take a picture of her blackberry? Um, try cuz MY FRIEND JUST GAVE ME THAT BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! a little excited there. I just got it hooked up yesterday, and quickly I'm learning why they call them Crackberrys...

But it gets better (ok, so it never really gets "better" than a free blackberry, but its just a figure of speech right?). So I stop at my grandmas house, who has decided she is bored with her current (ie: brand new) furniture, and asks if I want her La-Z-Boy....ummmmm YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, so, the chair that all my loot is sitting on was also part of my week of freebies. Amazing right?!?!?!? Its gonna take a while to come down from this high.... What good stuff did you get your hands on this week? :)


  1. Nice job! You can see my latest free find at Off to find a home for it!

  2.!!! You done good!


  3. You did good! Free is my favorite four-letter word!


  4. What you totally got hooked up! : )