Friday, May 14, 2010

Fail Friday...

We crafter's have plenty of fails, right? Or am I the only one? Yet, we never showcase these fails on our blogs lol. I want to change that. So, I'm going to start this weekend with a Friday showcase of my fail for the week. Eventually, maybe I'll even turn it into a linky party. fail is all wrapped up in this...
Ahhh the Ballard Bee...I have been oogling over it for the past 6 months. Yet, it continues to elude me...sneaky little thing...

Well, a couple of weeks ago I visited a rummage sale where I got 3 of these frames for $1.00.

Imagine my surprise when I dismantled the clips and found this inside. *Disclaimer: I apologize to whomever this grandpa belongs to...but I must paint over him. Don't hold me accountable...its a disease.*

So, I did what any crafter would do (you would wouldn't you? I'm not the only heartless one that would paint over someones grandfather am I?!?!?!??!) I painted...the Ballard Bee. Only when I was didn't quite look like this:

Instead it looked like this.....

STOP LAUGHING!!!!! ;) Seriously, I know it is in line with something you would see in a preschool classroom...but I still had fun doing it! As for whether I will be hanging this anywhere in my house...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO. I'll find something else to paint or decoupage over the meantime, take a moment to relish in my epic failure :)

But Ballard had better be on the lookout...I WILLLLLLLLL find a suitable way to knock you off...just you wait and see...I'll get you my pretty MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (insert evil laugh).

Thanks for playing along today, and I hope you have a fantabulous weekend :)


  1. I CAN NOT believe you painted over g'pa for that bee???!!!

  2. Hee hee! I am still laughing! Thanks for sharing reality and poor grandpa!!! I saw your post on Poppies at Play for Creative Cat!

  3. Yeah - I got a flub that will probably get shared next week...they happen to all of us...good try?! :)

  4. I thought he was a cute looking bee, maybe you can find a bee template somewhere on the internet and use that for some inspiration for next time :)

  5. Oh, goodness! Your writing is so funny! Thanks for keeping it real!

  6. I love those frames. Maybe a big pretty C in one of them for your friends :)

  7. I think it turned out fine.
    But I feel sorry for Grandpa.

  8. Nikki, I thought I was the only one with craft fail! and I have it on a regular basis! LOL I feel like Thomas Edison "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
    I think a linky party along these lines would be a lot of fun...and it will keep it real for all of us! :-)
    Have a great weekend!
    PS I am having my first ever giveaway...'cause it's my birthday next week! Come check it out when you have a minute!

  9. I received the Versatile Blogger award from Sweet European Dreams and have passed it along to you.