Saturday, May 15, 2010

Knocking off the Pottery Barn is just beachy...

I'm loving all the shell art I've seen popping up. Pottery barns latest and greatest is just bursting with beachy type stuff. For example...

Well, in true thriftress fashion, I decided I needed to conjure up some of my own shell art.

It started with these little plaques from Shopko (they were clearanced for $1 each). Using liquid nails I glued them together back to back.

I took a pedestal from one of these:
And glued the plaques to the top. I gave it a lovely couple coats of "light willow", and then, I needed some art.

I turned, once again to the Graphics Fairy (have I mentioned how much I LOVE her site?) and once again, she was sure to deliver. So, once I got my sweet sweet graphics, I decided to get my modge podge on....

And thar she blows....(that's beach talk for "look at my cool new shell art"). Obviously, they needed some finishing touches so...I used frayed burlap to disguise the seam between the 2 frames, added a finial to the top, and used some brown distressing ink to age it (not sure why it looks so red in the pictures...) But, I'm pretty darn happy with it...and I love that its double sided, so when I get sick of looking at the conque, I can flip it over and...
Look at a Haliotide...

Sweet!!!!!! And the $3 total I spent on it is not too shabby either....



  1. This looks so great. I am planning on doing a beachy theme in our new bathroom. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. LOVE IT Nikki!!!! It turned out fantastic! I grew up on the beach and still love all things beachy even though I am a mountain girl now!:-)

  3. I'm so lovin' this "BEACHY" look...I guess I would:) Hope you have a FUN day!


  4. Those turned out wonderful - very nicely done!!!

  5. Very cool! I have some corks for you, if you're still looking!

  6. I'm going to have to try this... looks fabulous.

  7. Oh fantastic--with amazing results!!!

  8. Hi Nikki,
    These are super cute!!! What an amazing job you did! I love that green paint you used too. Thanks so much for linking this up to Brag Monday.

  9. I love the Graphics Fairy too! What a fun way to use those shell prints. It really turned out nice :-)

  10. Oh how cute. I really like it.

  11. Fantastic! The Graphics Fairy to the rescue again!

    Hey, is that Light Willow paint acryllic, spray paint, what? I lurrrrrrve it.

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  12. This came out super-cute!

    I'm hosting my first blog party this Friday - I would love it if you would link up this project.


  13. What a great project, it looks brilliant.

  14. that is just adorable! i LOVE it! and you are too funny. this line....And thar she blows....(that's beach talk for "look at my cool new shell art")..... had me laughing!

  15. I like it! Great color! Love your new header, too!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!