Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super cute book plaque for under $2!!!!!!!

Hey ya'll, sorry I didn't take more pictures of the entire process, but I made this craft long before a craft blog entered my mind. I wanted to make a gift for a friend of mine that is a single mom, that her son could give to her.

Basically, I took an old book that I liked the look of and I found the center, I then started to elmer glue the pages together. Once you get a lot of glue going on, the pages become somewhat pliable, and you can mold them how you want.

Then, I gave the whole book a good coat of crackle paint. I took a photo of her son, and a poem and tore & distressed the edges. After that, I modge podged them and this is how it came out.

My friend was VERY pleased with the result, and so was I considering the book was only .99 cents at Goodwill, and I had everything else on hand! :)


  1. Very cool! I will be featuring this on Friday!

  2. Found your blog and i am loving all of your ideas. Do you spray paint as well? Then, we would truly be kindred sisters. thanks for the inspiration on the owl.I saw one yesterday while thrifting. Might just have to go back and get it! Come and say hi!

  3. This is very cool. I love the idea. It turned out great. What a perfect gift for a mom.