Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi, my name is Nikki, and I am a knitter...

Ok, so, since we're getting to know each other, I think its only fair that I confess to you that I am a knitter. I'm not a great knitter, but I can knit. My repertoire includes many scarves, some scarves, oh and more scarves. Ok, ok, so I can knit a dishcloth too. I'm nothing tho compared to my crazy knitting friends Rachel and Lynn. They even had their knitting featured on Pioneer Woman's site!!!!!

Ya know, I get teased a lot for being able to knit at my age. My response is "you're just jealous because I'm going to be way cooler in the nursing home than you will." My friends and I even have somewhat of a knitting gang...we call ourselves "The Needlers." Nice right? we've toyed with getting matching tattoos of balls of yarn on our wrists. And I figure that's perfect because then when my skin gets all stretchy and saggy, it will look like my stash is growing :)

But...while we're in the mode of confession, I need to tell you something. (Please don't tell the other gang members, they are likely to poke me with one of their needles.) I prefer to BUY things that are knitted, than to actually knit them myself. Now, I know what you're thinking..."a REAL knitter wouldn't say that." And that's, fine, I can take it. So henceforth, just consider me a "wanna-be."

None the less, big fat chunky scarves are all the rage this season, and if you wander into the Buckle, or GAP it doesn't take long to see, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!! So, while looking around at Target, I found the cutest braided scarf, and my friend Rachel explained to me how I could knit it.

But I didn't. Instead, what I did was go to the Dollar Tree and find 3 scarves in colors I loved. I tied the fringe together, braided it to the bottom, and tied the other fringe together. Yes, that's it. No, I'm not kidding. And for $3, I have a super cute, super chic scarf that can give all them boutiques a run for their money. I plan on making many of these for Christmas next year. If they're still in style that is. And Here is my lovely friend Esther modeling this creation... lol.



  1. Ha ha, you're such a hoot! Love the scarf - it's EVERY BIT as nice as the one we saw at Target!

  2. Cute idea! Wonder if I could pull this one off as good as you... :)

    Thanks for linking it up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  3. Very cool idea! I can't knit so I am excited to find alernative projects.

  4. Gorgeous!

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