Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'd like to thank the academy...

I can't believe that someone (Kelly Howard over at chickncharge) would give little ole me a BLOGGER AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO FLIPPIN HOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm over the moon about it!

Now the rules of the award are this:
1) Post the award
2) Thank and mention the person who gave you the award
3) Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who you feel are deserving of the award
4) Tell 7 things about yourself that others don't know
5) Be sure to tell your 7 about the award and post links to their blog :)

So, here's my 7:
1) Mad in Crafts...for several reasons, 1)her background is killer, 2)she was the first blogger to feature me, 3) her Dollar Barn Easter decorations are UH-MAZING :)

2) Centsational Girl...she was the very FIRST craft blog I started to read, and I LUVVVVV her before and afters!

3) Dollar Store Crafts...this goes without saying, but I could live at the dollar store, so I LOVE their ideas!

4) Fireflies and Jellybeans...I always find the COOLEST links on her blog, I have gotten so many ideas from there!

5) All thingz related...cuz shes a new blogger just like me and shes brilliant. Check out what she did to this dresser!!!!!!!!!!

6) The tip junkie...this chiquita knows how to PARTY (link party that is...) Tip me Tuesday ROCKS!

7) Poppies at Play...LOVE her projects, in fact, this project simply forced me to buy a cricut :)

Welp, there you have it...

As for my 7 facts...

1) I LURVE mullets, and midgets.
2) I do NOT lurve turkeys and squirrels (they freak me out).
3) If I could re-make the food pyramid, there would only be one cream.
4) When I was a kid I wanted to be a photographer, now I don't even know how to work my camera.
5) In high school I had a cross dressing neighbor who appeared on Jerry Springer. (You need to know that the reason that was a big deal is cuz I grew up on a farmette out in the country and NOTHING interesting happened there...EVER. Well...not till Jake/Debby moved in...)
6) I absolutely LOVE New Kids on the Block...I've been to 4 of their concerts, including one last year ;)
7) My 1 celebrity obsession that my husband thinks is funny...NICK, hello, YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Followed closely by Channing Tatum, and Ryan Reynolds...


  1. Wowie Mowie!!! Thanks so much for adding me to your list! What an honor! I am still laughing about your cross-dressing neighbor! What an awesome claim to fame! He he he... Thanks again for the award! I love your blog!


  2. Thanks for the award! :) If I still had all my NKOTB posters from jr. high I would totally send them to you in appreciation. :)

  3. Ha ha, too funny, and congrats!

  4. Aw, Nikki how sweet !!!! You are so very kind, thank you thank you ! *blushing*