Friday, June 11, 2010

NO fail Friday today!!!!!!!!

Today is a NO fail Friday...and why you may ask? Because....I'M CLOSING ON MY NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry...I'm excited...just a smidge.

Anyway, so you don't get lonely while I'm panama jackin' it through this remodel, I'll share some photos with you of my last home remodel. Now, please remember that these were taken in 2006...longggggggggggg before I even knew what a blog was. So, they're not the best quality, but...they'll do.

Here is my lovely prison living room when we bought the house:

And here is the after:

Obviously, the first thing I did was to remove the prison bars. Second...vertical blinds YUCK. Then, I used the sticky tiles to tile the top of the ledge to hide the holes where the bars had been. Then, we painted. I have to say, the pumpkin pie color on my accent wall has to be one of my favorite colors I've ever painted with. And unfortunately it was a mis-tint, so I'll probably never find another one again......Oi Vey.......

Stay tuned for more additions of "My Old House" :)


  1. Nice redo, I can wait to see what you do to your new house.

  2. Congrats on the closing! Missin' the Fail Friday though...I had not one but TWO major fails this week! :(
    Enjoy your weekend!