Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have plenty of help with demo...

I apologize for my recent disappearance...this demo is kicking my butt!!!!! So, this past weekend, I got geared up, and decided to tackle my bubble gum bathroom:

I quickly decided it was a lot of work. I then called for back-up.
And all was fine and dandy until more back-up showed up to help. Tons and tons of THESE:

These are earwigs...and they are VERY prominent in my area. They are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! And in my basement they fall out of the ceilings onto your head if you push too hard on the paneling. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Now, let me explain, that I'm not living in some nasty house...they are just out in FULL FORCE this year and everyone is having trouble with them. I hate them, no seriously...HATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them! But...I'm trying to stick with a bright side mentality, so the bright side is that while these are prominent in my area...there are many places that have 8-legged insects running wild. So.....I'll take an earwig over a spider ANY day! ;)


  1. OMG! I live with the spiders and I am deathly afraid of those things! I would trade the earwigs for the spiders ANY DAY!!! Good luck with the bathroom!

  2. Those looks scary but we've also had some weird bugs around our house too! Yuck!!! You're definitely not the only one!!

  3. I get those too! I found that the house bug spray at Lowes (Ortho-Max in the red & white gallon sprayer) kills those suckers in about 2 days :) It also kills spiders *eek*

  4. We have so many of these here. It's the moisture that they are after. We live in a humid area and just every where. I hate them too! Yuck! Good luck!