Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling Gray......

Every time I buy a new home, I've got a particular pallet in mind before the ink has even dried. Usually, I've moved in mentally before we even write up an offer. I'm not the only one right? Please tell me I'm not the only one that lays awake at night obsessing over color schemes, and furniture placement, and window treatments?!?!?!?

Well...this house...I'm into Gray. In a BIG way! After purchasing 4 gallons of Sherwin Williams "Gray Area", I can't WAIT to get my paint on!

So, I've been looking for inspiration online and here are some of the rooms I'm crushin' on :)

And this last one simply because 1) I'm planning a mural for my wall as well, and 2) I want red drapes!!!!!!!!

So where do you go for your design inspiration? :)


  1. Nikki I am LOVING gray as well!! I'm still all about chocolate in my living spaces (it hides so much and I do have 3 boys and a lab) but in the master suite I want to do grays !! I haven't started looking for inspirations yet. Usually the basics come straight from my imagination and I just go looking for inspirations in the accessories department.

  2. Oh! I'm loving the red drape room. I love that couch. Bet I could lay down on it!

  3. That will be so nice in your new house! Your red accessories will really pop, too. Can't wait to see it!