Friday, April 9, 2010

my STEALS of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With garage sale-ing upon us, I think I'm going to start showing off my fav buys of the week. If you do the same, PLEASE leave a link in your comment so I can check yours out too!!!!!! :)

So, lets start off with these things I got from Goodwill...
A BRAND NEW still in the package Isis Dei macbook cover for..... $1.99
And a BRAND NEW with the tags still on them pair of converse for my little guy....$4.99

And as for my garage sales/fav dollar store trip I got...
An UH-MAZING glass pedestal cake stand....$4
Several yards of this gorgeous b&w fabric....10 CENTS!!!!
But my PERSONAL favorite...the grapevine decor balls...found them at THE DOLLAR STORE FOR $1!!!!!!!!!!!! (I bought 5 ;)

So what did you find this week?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?


  1. using all my coupons I got 5 pair of underwear, perfume, and lotion from Victoria's for $4.58 total!

  2. Great finds - I'm still hunting a cake pedestal myself.

  3. Wow I love the fabric you found. I sew so I am always on the look out for fabric and trim at yard sales and good will.