Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Pottery Barn re-do...

Ya'll sick of knock offs yet? I'm not :)

So, I scoped these on the PB website, and got excited, cuz its basically a large scale wire nest similar to what I made here. Which came from a wonderful tutorial here.

Cute, but $12 for 2 nests that are 3" big? Ummm..nope, not gonna happen. So, a trip to my local hardware store I snatched up 50 feet of 19 gauge Dark Annealed wire and got bizayyyyy...

I started with a large coil for the base, and from there, just got to weaving. I did use the whole 50 feet for one nest. But still, at $1.99 for a roll, I can't complain :)



  1. Wow...great imitation...and I love how you are displaying yours!

  2. Oh that is clever! I want to make one now!!!

  3. That is so funny...I just saw those exact nests at Michael's today. I have to go back and pick them up with my coupon. I think they were only $6.99.

  4. @ Carrie...ya see..its times like this I REALLY resent not having a Michaels or Hobby Lobby within an hour of me!!!! LOL

  5. I love these and can't wait to make my own! I don't think I could ever be tired of PB redos or the $Tree decorating ideas. Keep'em coming! I don't have a Hobby Lobby or Joann's within and hour and a half me either! :( I'm adding you to my list of "inspiring" blogs on my blog. Would you mind if I shared a picture of this next week?...with a link back to your post/tutorial, of course!

  6. Not at all Sharon!!!!!!! Share away! I'm honored :)

  7. These turned out great!!! I love it.

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  8. Great knock off. I love how it turned out, almost identical. Well done.

  9. These turned out great! I love them inside the cloche!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

  10. I love those wire bird nests. Such a cute idea!

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