Sunday, March 14, 2010

An homage to my favorite Dollar Store.....

Well, I thought we'd end dollar store craft week with an homage to my FAVORITE dollar store. Now, if you have one of these in your vicinity, you're gonna wanna check it out. Sooner, rather than later.

My FAV dollar store is the "Dollar Superstore." We have 2 of them in my area, and they are simply amazing. Now, I will say, its one of those where "not everything is a dollar" but most of it is and they have the best stuff!!!!! I have some photos of my favorite finds from there, that I've kept. But a lot of my favorite finds, I've given away as gifts. They've got picture frames and albums from Hallmark, Jewelry from Target, and don't even GET me started on their craft department, its HUGE!

What's your favorite Dollar Store? What's your favorite score from there?

Here's some of my treasured Dollar Superstore finds...

Apothecary jars: $4 each

Target X-hilaration jewelry with $11.99 tag still on: $1 each

Adorable Lady Bug and Dragonfly garden stakes: $1 each

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  1. where are these stores in our area? i gotta go!!
    Heather Redmore