Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garage Sale/Thrifting finds of the week!

YAY, garage sale season is starting, and I am STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this week I scored some AWESOME deals!!!!!!!!!

I got a TON of this upholstery fabric for $2.00 (now, some, or maybe all of you may think this fabric is ugly...but I am IN LOVE with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I just need something upholster...)
Then I got this HUGE pile of vintage fabric scraps for .75 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!! (This will be perfect for appliques!!!!!!!!)

And then I got this GIANT artichoke architectural accent for my house for $2.99. With a fresh coat of paint, it'll be GREAT!

So what'd you score this week???


  1. Oh, you're not alone girl! I LOVE it too!!!
    Now, of course, if you'd use it on a whole 3 piece living room set, and your walls are covered in flowered wallpaper or wood, and your lampshades are macramé... then yeah, it would be ugly! BWAHAHAHA!!
    But in a more "modern" environment, it would rock.
    I love it and would've bought it too!

  2. Love your finds & the fabric is great i would have bought it too!! Any ideas for where you will use it yet? I havent quite adjusted to the whole waking up early on my day off thing yet so no gsales for me this weekend but i did do some great thrifty... hoping to post pics on lunch but got some great deals! 9 frames for $7.00, a vintage suitcase, cheap tiles for more coasters... check it out later tonight or tomorrow if you have a chance... once i get it posted that is :)