Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More appliqued baby gifts...

Well, spring is in the air and babies are abounding. For someone going through what seems like ENDLESS fertility treatments, it can be painful, but we push on anyway...

So, with 2 babies born into the family within 3 months, I had some gifts to make. This was my first chance to make girl onesies :) And I had a great time!

And as usual, appliqued onesies are a GREAT success as a baby gift :)

PS-I should add that I tried to cut this fabric with my cricut with almost NO success. Don't think I'll try that again...looks like I'm stuck free-handing...

Have you made any appliqued stuff? What designs do you use? I am always looking for more ideas!!! Feel free to post links in your comments so I can check out your stuff! :)


  1. You didn't have success with cutting fabric on your cricut? There are some great tutorials on youtube. I've not done it yet but I *just* got my cricut and haven't gotten to fabric yet. What was the problem? I'd be curious as I'm REALLY looking forward to cutting fabric on it!

  2. Susan...I watched some of the tutorials, and then tried it myself. And I don't know if I had the wrong kind of fabric or what, but it ended up mostly shredding the fabric. Now, the strawberry...I did cut that one with the cricut and its a really thick material so it did ok, but everything else was a complete bust :(

  3. Your onesies turned out super cute! I always start with a sharp blade (I actually have one just for fabric) and a really sticky mat. I also put my fusible webbing on first too. Sorry that cuttig it with the cricut didn't work for ya, it is such fun! But hey, you do a FABULOUS job by hand!