Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Printed Burlap tree sachets...

Ok, so really they're ornaments, but doesn't "sachet" sound so much fancier?!?!?!? They are scented, don't get me wrong, but we'll get to that later. I had an idea earlier in the year for an ornament I wanted to make from burlap, but I couldn't figure out how to get my design onto the burlap. I figured I'd probably have to use iron on transfers, but THEN, I saw this tutorial over at Domestically Speaking and I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

To start with, get yourself a yard or 2 of burlap, and some freezer paper. Then take your burlap and cut an 8.5 x 11 piece (it doesn't have to be exact). Heat your iron up to medium and iron your burlap. Once the burlap is nice and smooth, then lay the freezer paper down onto your burlap, shiny side touching the burlap, and iron. Magically the freezer paper adheres to the burlap and makes it stiff...like a fabric piece of paper if you will.

Once you have your sheet, its time to work on your design. I knew I wanted a silhouette manger scene with the lyrics to one of my favorite Christmas songs....this is what I ended up with:

Once you have your design all set, decide how many you can fit to a sheet. For me...I was able to get 3 on a sheet. When you go to print your document, go to "properties" and change your paper type to "specialty." Then stick that burlap paper into your printer and print away!!!!!!!!!!

Then once you pull the paper off the printer, peel the freezer paper off, cut your designs out and get ready to sew! Here's what I used to get started:
I used the sisal as the "hook" for the ornament, and then for the backing, I decided to use jute webbing. Once you sew the 2 sides and the bottom, its time to stuff. but I didn't want to just stuff it, so I used this:
Oh come on, you mean you've never used a meat tenderizer to pulverize some cinnamon sticks??? Well thats just how I roll, so I broke them into good sized chunks. Then I mixed chunks of the cinnamon sticks with the stuffing :)

Once its all stuffed, you're ready to sew the top, but first you need to put the sisal in. Make sure you tie a knot on the ends of your piece so that it doesn't slip out of the ornament after its sewn. Place your sisal like so, and then....sew:
Of course I had to add a cute little red bow to finish it off. And when you're done, you have a SUPER cute/ EXTREMELY inexpensive ornament to give that not only looks great, but smells wonderful too! :)

I love burlap...but I love Christmas more! :)


  1. Fabulous idea...I've printed fabric but the thought of printing burlap makes me nervous - my printer is old and fussy but this looks great.

  2. These ornaments are precious! I have seen folks printing on burlap and love it but was wondering if you can use an inkjet printer for this?

  3. this is so pretty and sweet! Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings!

  4. I'm am so loving these!! Thanks so much for linking!


  5. Fabulous tutorial -what a fun idea!

  6. These are great! I will have to try printing on burlap. I LOVE burlap. It is so rustic and fun. Thanks for linking up today!

  7. What a great idea!!! I had no idea you could print on burlap! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  8. wow! turned out awesome! especially love the meat tenderizer!

  9. Love it! I'm not brave enough to put burlap through my printer. If something happened to the printer, how would I explain that to my husband!