Saturday, October 23, 2010

My googly eyed spider...

My son's school doesn't celebrate Halloween, but they do what they call "Noah's Ark Day" and each of the children dress up as an animal/insect of some sort. I opted to make my son's costume this year so I was ECSTATIC when he said he wanted to be a spider...I knew how easy it would be to make!

To start with, I purchased a pair of black sweat pants, and a black hoodie from Walmart. This worked out perfectly because after Halloween I can detach the excess parts and he can continue to wear the sweat pants and the hoodie for the winter!!!!!!!!!

Then, I went to the Dollar Store and picked up the following items:

2 pairs of black trouser socks
1-2pack of Styrofoam balls
1 slinky

From there I stuffed the socks with plastic bags and sewed 2 to the hoodie and 2 to the pants. I used yarn to connect his arms to the 2nd set of arms. And then I used strong thread to sew from the waist band of the sweat pants to the 2nd set of legs. It made the legs stand up just enough that you could see them, but they weren't connected to the arms so if he wanted to take JUST the hoodie off he could.

Then, I broke the slinky in half, painted eyeballs on the Styrofoam balls and placed one in each slinky. I took thread and stitched about 4 rings of the slinky on to the hood of the hoodie and voila...I had an AWESOME and ADORABLE googly eyed spider :D


  1. my nephew looks soooooo freakin' cute...good work girl!! :)

  2. HA! Those eyes are RE-diculous! {That means "really cool" in Sandra speak, so there's no misunderstanding!} That costume is just so creative. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Very fun - the eyeballs are great!

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  4. what a FUN costume! come on over and link up to MMM :)