Monday, October 25, 2010

My bootiful decor...

I'm not into decorating too much for Halloween, and when I do, I prefer more simplistic decor. I spied these frames at my local Dollar Store awhile back:

What I liked about them was that its really just a framed piece of glass, the "divided" photo part is just glued on. So after purchasing one, I pulled the "frame" part off and used that goo gone stuff to get the sticky residue off of it.

After that, I used some black vinyl and my Cricut to cut out the word BOO. I used my lyrical letters cartridge and the Jack Sprat font. Once I got my boo on the glass I cut out 2 black circles for the eyes and there ya have it, my $1 decor :)

PS-why does my glass always look so dirty?!?!? Windex does NOT equal streak free apparently...


  1. This is so cute...I love the eyes in the "O's".

  2. I think I need a circut cutter. I am feeling like this winter is going to be a crafty one!