Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gettin' Crafty on Hump Day....

Sorry for my absence as of late. I've been working on something, and I promise to reveal it to you soon!!!!!! :)

In the meantime, I'm ALWAYS down to party...so, lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week our most popular link came from Whimsical Creations by Melanie. She shared her Fabulous Frugal Bathroom Remodel and everyone loved it!!!!!!!

Isn't that tile spectacular?!?!?! LOVE it!!!!!

Ok, so lets link!!!! This party is NOT for solicitations, so please don't be that guy :)

Comment if you link and please make sure my button is somewhere on your blog. Some people seem to have problems with my button, but I'm clueless, so if you do, please email me...with detailed instructions on how to fix it LOLOL


  1. Glad you are feeling up to the party! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!
    Pop over to my blog when you have a minute...I did a little write up on our Ballard wins! :-)
    Happy Hump Day!!

  2. Thanks again for hosting! I'm looking forward to your big reveal!

  3. thanks for posting something new. why don't you show cai's costume? that would be a whole week if you got other peoples ideas too. love you MOM

  4. This is a new party for me. Thanks for hosting. I love seeing all the great ideas :)

    Can't wait to explore your blog more!

  5. Nikki. This is Nichole. I offered to help with your blog but never heard from you. I can't find an email address attached to your blog anywhere. You must have your settings so that it isn't publicly available. If you'll message me at mrslavespere@gmail.com I'll very gladly shoot you 'detailed' instructions on how to fix it. Have a good day!

  6. What a beautiful bathroom! And I love the walls (well, actually, I love the whole thing!). Congrats on a job well-done!