Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gettin' Crafty on Hump Day....

We had over 30 links last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys ROCK! :)

This week, I'm sharing photos of my garage sale bag. I see tons of cute re-usable "grocery" bags, but I had something different in mind. Ya know when you go to a garage sale, and you hit the MOTHER load, and you start piling things into your hands, and eventually you have to ask if you can set the stuff at the front table so you have room to carry more stuff (this happens to me a LOT). I decided a cute bag to keep in my car that I can carry with me to these sales would be a GREAT idea!

I had this super cute fabric that reminded me of a Spirograph (am I the only one that played with those religiously as a child? I LOVED my Spirograph! Don't remember the Spirograph?)

Anyway, I used my Spirograph fabric to make a LARGE over the shoulder bag. Then I chose 2 different coordinating fabrics...one for the gusset, and one for the handles. Sewed it all up and added some embellishments, and there you have it:

I'm gonna be stylin' AND profilin' at alllllllll the garage sales. Why...some might say I'll be the envy of the whole garage sale scene...its ok, I can handle the attention... :)

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  1. LOVE that bag! It's so cute! Those colors are just perfect, too.

    Thanks so much for hosting another FABULOUS party! :) Can't wait to visit all the other crafty bloggers!

  2. Oh hecks yeah! I remember the spirograph quite well! Lots of hours playing with one! That bag looks AAAAMazing!! great job..Love it!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  3. I always wanted a Spirograph...in fact, I still do. There are many childhood/80's toys that I would love to get my hands on today. I digress. I love your garage sale bag. With such a recognizable fabric, you might become known as the spirograph bag lady and set a new trend in garage sale-ing!

  4. I LOVED my spirograph!!! That fabric is so darling. Thanks for hosting another great party!

    ~Lori S.

  5. I really like that fabric. I've seen it around. I had a spirograph - I played with it for awhile but not much.

  6. I have a Spirograph-type toy stashed in the top of my closet. :) I should pull it out for my kids tomorrow- I think it's going to rain, so it'd be perfect!

  7. hey, that's super cute girly!

    i have really really wanted to learn how to actually sew stuff for a very long time.

    i mean, like, i can fix a button. my baptist school did have home ec believe it or not