Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, where are my fellow failures?!?!?! Let us raise our glasses in celebration of our inadequacies, and party together.

My fail for the week comes from my failure to use necessary SAFETY equipment while doing my demo. So, because of my lack of gloves, my hands are covered in blisters. My lack of goggles has left me with VERY irritated eyes. And my lack of wearing a mask has my allergies going bananas! Next time I remodel, I promise to be good!

So what are your failures this week?


  1. Haha you're funny. I repeatedly fail from not wearing a mask when I spray paint, so therefore my nostril hairs are always either white or black. :)

  2. Oh Man!! That doesn't sound good at all!! I don't have any recent failures to report. Notice I use the word 'recent'. I've got plenty of them under my belt though-believe me! I hope you're all better soon!!!!

  3. I failed to realize how hot hot glue is. Hello Mister Blister...

  4. I'm so in. These were supposed to be adorable, and my Easter dessert post. Instead, they were mildly post apocalyptic.

  5. So mine weren't this week, Nikki, but hey, who couldn't use a good laugh!! I had one fail this week, but I'm not posting about it til next week ;)

  6. Hey Nikki! Thank you for your comments about the clock..I just love it! I did save the base. I actually gave it to my mom and it had just enough of a square on the top of it for her to sit a fern it looks adorable! :) YAY! I might have to snag it back one day..ha!!
    Hugs to you!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  7. Hey Nikki...thanks for the email last night!!! You made my night! :-) Look for a reply! My Friday Fail....I have FAILED to POST anything all week!!! Working on a couple of things though!
    Happy 4th!!!!

  8. hah.

    i definitely made an entire pan of brownies. and ate them.