Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things your heart out...

Personalized gifts really are my favorite kinds of gifts to give. In my pre-cricut days, I spent a LOT of money in Things Remembered buying gifts. Picture frames mostly...its my "go to" gift. The prices there are fairly reasonable. Not quite THIS reasonable though:

$1.29?!?!?!?!??!!? I bought the last 3...and I'm glad there were only 3, or I likely would have bought a pallet. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE double paned frames right now so I seriously could not have been happier to find these at my favorite dollar store.

I decided to get fancy with this one and buy ACTUAL cricut vinyl. Unfortunately, the vinyl wouldn't stick to the glass (that's what I get for paying full price for something). So I turned to my lucky contact paper which I have lovingly named "The Po' Man's Vinyl" and sure enough, worked like a charm.
Last name blurred for privacy reasons. But for UNDER $2 I have a fabulous personalized baby gift! I'm telling you, a cricut is worth its weight in GOLD!!! And I already have ANOTHER baby gift to make, so I'll be doing this again. Lets just calculate...I would have spent OVER $50 this week at Things Remembered...instead I spent $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this rate my cricut will have paid for itself in a matter or months!

*disclaimer: feel free to tell your husbands this, and that I have single handily, scientifically proven it! I will stand by this theory! :)

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