Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gettin' Crafty on hump day.......

Well, hard to believe its already Wednesday again. I'm just thankful I have internet! We are currently undergoing the blizzard of the century here...expecting up to 7 foot drifts by tomorrow morning!!!!!! The good news with that is...I'm workin' on crafts!!!!!

I'm on kind of a Valentines kick lately, so I have another Valentines craft for ya :)

Start with these supplies:

Rose petals I picked up at 75% off after last Valentines day

Clear glass plate from the Dollar Tree.

Then, find yourself a fabulous vintage Valentines graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and you have the makings of magic! I sat down with my trusty hot glue gun and got busy on the edges of the plate with my petals. Then, I decoupaged my favorite Valentines graphic to the back and VOILA:

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...of course, The Graphics Fairy has the best graphics so it makes my job a lot easier! ;)

On a sad note, this may be my last Linky party...there doesn't seem to be any free linky hosts anymore and as much as I love seeing all your projects, I can't justify paying a subscription to host this party. If anyone else knows of a free linky hosting site PLEASE let me know. I'll keep everyone posted next week, but if I don't find a free one, I'll have to visit other peoples blogs to see all your projects :(

Can't wait to see what you've got! Please no solicitations, and please comment if you link, or if you know of a free linky host! :)


  1. Thank you Nikki for hosting! So all linky tools will cost? That just plain stinks! :(

  2. Thanks for the party. I feel the same way about paying for a linky. Such a bummer!

  3. Thanks so much! Could you consider going back to just text links and drop the thumbnails like We Are That Family does? Maybe there are free linkies for text only? I still get lots of referrals from WATF's Wed linky party, so I think people do visit the links. Just a thought...I'm sure you know more about it than I do. At any rate, thanks so much for always hosting. Hope it can continue. But if not, I'll still be around to visit and you come see me, too! Love Laurie from http://sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com

  4. That is waaaay too much snow! I think we'll all understand about the link party - it's lame that they're starting to charge a fee, but they were fun while they lasted!

  5. Hi, Nikki, thanks for hosting us today! I know, such a pain. I hope you find a way to keep your parties going, even in text.

  6. Really lovely job! I love buying stuff on sale to use next season!

  7. Hi! I am your newest follower and I just linked up a project (Yarn party wreath). Thanks for hosting!



  8. Nikki, how I love your plate. VERY clever. I understand completely how you feel about paying for the linky party. When I use to host the Boardwalk Bragfest, I kind of saw it heading in that direction. I've always enjoyed your parties and you've been a gracious host.

  9. Thanks for hosting Nikki! :) Hope you're staying warm!!

  10. Tnx for hosting! :)

    You can have a look here if you're looking for other linky tools....