Monday, November 1, 2010

Its no picasso but....

My favorite Dollar Store is full of items that for whatever reason didn't sell in a regular store, and end up getting bought in bulk and sold for...yep, dollars. Sometimes, I find the most AMAZING treasures, and I think "HOW DID THIS NOT SELL?!?!?!" I wish this was one of those times.

Would anyone care to take a guess at why this magnificent piece of artwork didn't sell?

You, in the back? Yes, EXACTLY what I thought. Its because the dogs aren't playing poker. Some people have NO respect for real art...

Since I don't really have a room or closet or trash can where the dog/duck theme fits in, I decided to snatch this up for $2 and do something else with it. The frame has gorgeous coloring and is wonderfully banged up and distressed.

Then one day while roaming around my local Dollar Tree I spotted these AWESOME gift bags:

Finally, REAL art :oP

So, I dug out my scissors, got busy with my Modge Podge, went into my mad crafter mode and......


I realize it would be better if the birds were playing poker, but they just didn't have any bags like that...sorry to disappoint :oP


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I had never thought to use gift bags for the art, but what a genius idea. I might have to run and see what my dollar store has...

  2. The birds are a much more worthy of that frame than the dogs and duck...even if there's no gaming involved. I'm going to have to stop passing by the gift bag section. Maybe if I slow down and browse I'll find some neat bird bags like you did!

  3. So cute! I love it when great art comes at such a great price!

  4. Very cool! I love artsy bird prints but have never thought to go trolling the gift bag aisle looking for them!

  5. I saw those same bags at the dollar store and thought of using them as art also. Love your humor!

  6. i love it as much as you do. well done. ok: come link it up on our site so our readers can find this great idea/tute by you too!

  7. So pretty! What a great transformation~

  8. I just had to comment because of your comment about the dogs not playing poker. I literally gave an audible laugh out loud at that comment. So funny!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  9. That is so pretty. I love the colors!