Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new craft blog...

Well y'all, as I said, it was time to try something different it is. I love crafting, and I've always got a million project swirling around in my head so I thought, why not try a craft blog. I figure it will either a: help me to complete more of the projects I start, b: give me a creative outlet and be a fun way to express my creativity, or c: not change me at all and I shall scare all my readers away because of my procrastination.

Not sure what'll happen next, but stay tuned.

I'm excited to start this blog because, I love to re purpose things. Its such a feeling of accomplishment to take an object and make it into something no one ever thought it could be. Its kind of like how I feel about what God has done with me.

Take for example, my high school homeroom teacher. What a ray of sunshine she was...when my mother asked her why I was getting such poor grades in school (I had a 1.3 GPA), she said to her, and I quote "well, I know this may be hard to hear, but I honestly don't think she can do any better." Never mind the fact that my state test scores were off the charts, and I maintained a 3.6 GPA when I got to college.

That is how I feel about crafting. I mean, that woman must've wondered how I put one foot in front of the other. And look at me now...I have a BLOG! So take that you old hag! ;oP

Anyway, I feel like in my life many people have discarded me, or doubted my abilities and I just LOVE to prove them wrong, and it feels good to take something that someone has thrown out with the trash and make it into something spectacular.

If you're reading this, you're either my mother, or someone else who likes to craft that stumbled upon my humble abode. In either case, I hope you enjoy the journey with me! And if you see a project on here and attempt it yourself, please email me pictures, I'm just as interested to see how your projects turn out!!


  1. You go girl! Love the new look!

  2. Wishing you the very best with your new endeavor- from one crafty blogger to another!

  3. I had a high school (77-80) math teacher (Mr.Bates) who was just as wonderful and encouraging as your homeroom teacher. I think his exact words were if you don't get this (some math problem) then you will be in the 80% of people who after high school are lifetime failures.
    I get what you say about feeling discarded.
    The only person who thinks I am GREAT died 3 years ago, my mother.
    Anyway since high school I've managed ok so far.
    I am making your $ store candle stick and bowl for a baby shower table scape take home favor I will put little blue eggs in mine - THANKS for the idea and I think you are great, you saved my day today : )