Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gettin' Crafty on Hump Day....

Do you know what time it is????? Raise your hand if the words "Tool Time" popped into your head when you read that? Still...tool time is not the correct answer, sorry :)

Its time to LINKY PARTAY!!!!!!!!

Last week our most popular link was from Can't Stop Making Things who blessed us with a lovely tutorial for Pottery Barn Knock Off Candles!!!!!

Aren't they PURDY?!?!?!?!? I think so :)

Ok, so, please link up them awesome projects!!!!!! I'm sooooooo needing some inspiration for Christmas gifts...anyone got a linky for that?

Please no solicitations, and please leave some comment love, and list my button on your blog. I sound like a nag, but I gotta say it :)

Oh, and I know a few people mentioned having trouble with the linky last week, if you do, pleaseeeeeee leave me a comment letting me know what type of error or error message you are getting so I can look into it...

On your marks, get set, LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It's been awhile since I've joined the fun! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Ok mine doesn't give me a error message but I go as far as picking out the picture that I want to put on here and then it acts like it going to upload it and then it doesn't upload anything :(

    Ruthie @ Tattered Bliss

  3. Thanks for hosting the party -your newest follower!

  4. Hi, Nikki, thanks again for hosting!

  5. It's Howdy Doody time! did I win? What do I get? Thank you for hosting! I used to love that show, it came on after I got home from school, I would get off the bus, grab a snack, and plant myself in front of the TV. Think that is where my addictions started? love you mom

  6. Thanks for the party! And...you don't sound like a nag at all!
    Love-Another Rebekah (if your heart has room for two)

  7. The linky thing worked great for me... But the link on your button for the party doesn't seem to be working.

  8. Hi Nikki,

    I was going to respond to your comments, but your email comes up as "No Reply." If you'll shoot me your real email I'll help you fix that if you'd like.

  9. Again it does not take you links. I go thru the whole process but when your page reappears, no links show at all. Same as Ruthie above. No error message. So, this week's links:

  10. Oh wow, those candles are amazing! Love them!