Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guess. Who's. Back.

I am BACK!!!!!!!!! So, I know what you're thinking...where the HECK did she go for the last year? Well, it has been one of the craziest 12 months of my life. So lets pretend this is speed dating, and I'll catch you up on things. And...go...
1) At 6 months pregnant, I decided to start a business
2) Business took off like a ROCKET!!!! (Check it out here and here)
3) After a long and difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
4) Juggling a new booming business + kids + husband + friends and family + maintain a household= nearly impossible.
5) Find out my father has stage 4 cancer and needs an incredulous amount of surgery to give him any sort of chance at life.
6) Watch him go through things I can't even begin to describe to you.
7) Add something as awful as cancer to the above equation (see #4) and you get one depleted momma!

And through all of that, I lost time for crafting. :( boooooooo

But, the bug has bitten me again, and I am back to check in with all my peeps!!!!! I have missed you all and I hope that you will leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing!!!!!!!! the craft! So in a pinch, I needed to make some gifts for some wonderful friends who have stood by me this year during all my ups and downs, and were behind me 100% even when family was not! Problem numero uno...I had no dinero...

Well, a trip to the dollar store was all it took, and voila, I was able to make something personal for each of them, and UNDER $2 a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start with a Zen Garden, and a packet of file folders from the dollar store. (1 pack of file folders will make 12 of these signs...)

Mix in Glue, Vinyl, and a Cricut and here you have it...MAGIC!!!

Its been wayyyyyyyyyyy too long since I've crafted anything, and I'm hoping to make regular appearances around here again! Thanks for not giving up on me lol :)